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п»їChoosing Blog Software: User-friendly or Tech-savvy?

So you’ve decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. What’s next? There are several blogging service options out there. Identifying your needs will determine which service is best for you.
First of all there are two main types of blogging services: hosted and self-install. With hosted, the blog software is ready to use; all that’s needed is to signup. Self-install is what its name says it is; a blogging software that you will install yourself after you’ve found a web hosting service. Now we’re ready to discuss the pros and cons of several popular blogging services.
Blogger is a hosted service which is free. You may already be familiar with it because it’s one of the long-established services and has many users. It’s simple to use and easy to setup, but is limited in its customization and performance. For casual users of a personal blog, this is the perfect choice. If you’re looking to become a professional blogger, however, this is not the software to use.
WordPress is another free service but which offers much more customization. It offers both free hosted service and a one-click self-install to add to your own host. WordPress can also support larger groups of users and third-party plugins. This makes it a popular software for professionals.
Typepad is a relatively inexpensive blog software that offers three options: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Of course the monthly fee increases as the features sets get better with each plan upgrade. More serious bloggers that are happy with the blog template are the most common Typepad users. Customization is an option but is not for the non-tech savvy.
Blogware is another low-cost option. It is sold through resellers, and different resellers offer varying prices and packages, so make sure to check your options before choosing a plan. With Blogware there are also a few ways to change the look of your site without editing the templates, but major changes will not be easy to make.
Expression Engine is a blogging software as well as a management system. It includes options for creating image galleries, mailing lists, and other extras. Naturally this kind of quality and ease of use software comes at a heftier price than some of the other options, but you’ll be virtually limitless to what you can do.
Movable type offers the most possibilities for customization, but without a price. It is both difficult to set-up and use and one of the more expensive services. Changing just the smallest feature of your blog template requires an entire re-build of your blog each time. If you want to do some major customization with your blog and you’re up to the technical challenge, this may be the software for you.
Now, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a casual or professional blogger, tech-savvy or computer illiterate, there’s a blogging service out there for you to become part of the blogging phenomenon. Start a blog today.

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